Make 10 Steps to Forget about Itching of Hemorrhoids

Itching is one of the most common problems that everyone who suffers from hemorrhoids can have. Making the right actions, it is quite easy to fight it:

  1. Your problem area should not become dry. There are different reasons for it to dry out and the most common one is the usage of any cleansers that contain NaOH. So, stop using anything with NaOH in order to save the anus area from drying out.
  2. Keeping the anus area clean is also very important in fighting the itching. And even a choice of a toilet paper has a meaning. It is advised to choose a non-aromatized one. It should be a white roll of the paper. Every time before wiping, a piece of a toilet paper might be moistened in some cold water.
  3. Another reason of the itching is swelling and taking a tub bath with warm water will keep the area clean, save it from drying out and will reduce the swelling.
  4. When it comes up to a swelling, it will be highly effective to use a cold compress could be taken with an extract of aloe.
  5. It is not wise to neglect medications. Use any moisturizing cream to fight the dryness of the anus and thus prevent the itching.
  6. Proper diet is advised. All types of food with a high-concentration of fiber should be taken, at least, for the period of time when some treatment is required. Due to that it may be helpful to refuse eating meat because it doesn’t have fiber at all. The more water amounts will be taken, the better. These suggestions will make the process of defecation less painful and will protect from increasing the swelling.
  7. Even a control of a salt amount is not less essential than other points. It will help to reduce the excessive salt-concentration in a vascular system. It is one of preventive measures to exclude a swelling of the veins in the anus.
  8. Everyone who meets the problem should remember that taking any heavy load is forbidden. It can increase the swelling and thus cause the itching.
  9. Warm bath with salt and a low level of the water is like a pain-killer for some time. It’s better to do before going to sleep to get a chance to fall asleep without a feeling of some discomfort.
  10. And the last, but not the least, you should never scratch the itching area! Yes, you will feel a huge relief at first, but a bit later the itching will come back and it will be even more strong.