What a Bleeding Hemorrhoid Is

A bleeding hemorrhoid is not life threatening, but it can seriously change your habits and a usual way of life that you enjoy. It is a typical situation when people with such hemorrhoids lose their internal confidence, become withdrawn and even avoid meeting with other people. It happens because it will be embarrassing if the blood is detected on their pants or skirts in some public place. According to these facts a bleeding hemorrhoid is an unpleasant problem that should be treated immediately.

The Signs and Symptoms

A hemorrhoid starts to bleed when the bulging arteries burst and cause the bleeding in the rectum. Such bleeding can be internal or external. It depends on the location of the hemorrhoids. Sometimes it can be very hard to see that you have this type of hemorrhoids, that’s why there are some signs and symptoms of this disease. It is also important to know that internal hemorrhoids have a higher probability to bleed than the external. It means that it is not an easy task to notice the internal bleeding of the rectum. The main sings are the blood in the toilet or in the stool. During the usual visit to the toilet you can see the blood on the tissue paper, toilet bowl or in the stool. It is more probably to detect the symptoms of this disease if you have constipations or if the disease belongs to your health problems.

What Causes the Bleeding Hemorrhoids?

There are lots of causes of this disease and the most common one is having constipations. If a person is experiencing them pretty often, this weakens the anus walls of this person. And having a diet with too small amount of fiber is the main reason of constipations. Speaking of food, consuming big amounts of caffeine and alcohol can also be a reason of rectum walls weakening.

But even if you have a proper diet, you still can get the bleeding hemorrhoids, because constipations and diet are not the only reasons. One more possible cause is your daily activities. All jobs that are connected with longtime sitting (office workers, drivers, etc.) increase the chances for you to suffer from this disease. Unfortunately, pregnant women are in the list of people with high chances for getting the bleeding hemorrhoids. Just to sum up, your heredity, way of life and the food you consume are the main reasons of getting such an unpleasant problem.

A bleeding hemorrhoid is a painful and uncomfortable problem that needs an immediate medical attention and some changes of your lifestyle. Take care of yourself before the bleeding hemorrhoids seriously influence your usual way of life and habits.