Just like my main page says – I created this blog because I wanted to help others get rid of hemorrhoids, as well as know about health more. This still is my main motivation, which is why I am happy when you, my readers contact me.

I realize that the topics I cover are far from pleasant. Moreover, it can be really challenging to discuss them in real life. However, our health is essentially important, and I encourage you to always deepen your knowledge and ask as many questions as you can come up with. Believe me, it is better to be aware and prepared now than be surprised and scared, as well as in pain later. I am here to provide useful information and give advice.

In case if you are a doctor, just like me, and you have some valuable thoughts on my blog posts – don`t be shy! Let me know what you think. I would greatly appreciate some sincere feedback from another professional, who works in my field and might have a different perspective on something. I have always been open and eager to learn. Luckily, these traits have stayed with me, which is why I am ready to receive any kind of criticism, if there is any. I want to constantly improve and make this blog a safe space where people can find learn more about hemorrhoids and the process of getting rid of them.

So, if you have an opinion, an idea, a doubt or a question – feel free to reach out and share them with me. I will be happy to answer with as much insight as possible and have a conversation with you. To do so, you can send me an e-mail [email protected]. or use the contact form below. Both options are equally convenient for me, so choose the one that suits you the most.