Can We Fix Broken Teeth and How?

A chipped or a cracked tooth may happen mostly due to trauma, or if there is excessive pressure applied to your tooth by grinding your teeth or by biting a very hard object. Initially, this may be hard to detect if there are no symptoms present. A common symptom of a cracked tooth is inconsistent pain which rises with pressure applied on the tooth and wanes when the pressure eases.

This is also commonly referred to as ‘Cracked Tooth Syndrome’ or a ‘Greenstick fracture’. Though the symptoms and pain take time to manifest in this case, ignoring it for too long can lead to a loss of your natural tooth. If you have suffered from dental trauma recently, please look for your nearest dentist by searching for broken tooth Calgary nw.

Occasionally, your dentist may suggest placing a crown after restoring the broken tooth. A crown can also be suggested where a decayed tooth cannot be restored using a simple filling. A dental crown is a hollow, tooth-shaped cap that is placed over the cracked tooth. This acts as a barrier and protects the weakened, natural tooth from the daily activities that may put stress on your teeth.

To put a crown on your tooth your dentist would first need to file the impacted tooth. This is done to make room for the crown so that it aligns symmetrically with your remaining teeth. Once this is done an impression of the impacted teeth and the adjoining teeth is taken. This ensures that the crown is customized to fit in with the rest of the teeth. While the crown is being prepared, a temporary crown is placed to protect your weakened tooth. On your final visit, your dentist will place the final crown atop your tooth, and after verifying that everything is in place will cement the crown.

A dental crown can be made up of metal, composite, porcelain (most common), or a combination of porcelain and metal. The average age of a crown is 10 years and may vary from person to person. Porcelain crowns have better aesthetics and are generally placed over your front teeth. Metal crowns are more resilient to damage and are placed over your teeth that receive the maximum bite pressure, usually your rear teeth also known as the molars.

After your weakened tooth has been restored with a crown, your dentist may also suggest a revised oral care regimen to optimize the life of your crown. If you believe that you may have any of these symptoms, please look for a nearby dentist by searching for broken tooth Calgary nw.

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