How Does Hypnosis Help You in Losing Weight Quickly?

People who have struggled to keep the pounds off may want to consider hypnosis for weight loss. Hypnosis is a useful tool that therapists use to help patients get to a state of total relaxation.

During a session, the therapist help the conscious and unconscious mind to focus on mental imagery and verbal repetition. The mind is more open to suggestion and open to making changes regarding habits and behaviors.

Hypnosis has been found to be more effective than exercise and diet alone for people who want to lose weight. The idea behind hypnosis is that our mind can be encouraged to change bad habits, such as overeating. How it works is open to debate, but many believe that hypnosis can be effective for weight loss.

There has been a controlled clinical trial that looked at the use of hypnosis for weight loss in people with sleep apnea. The study looked into two forms of hypnotherapy versus diet advice for sleep apnea and weight noss. All participants in the trial lost up to three percent of their body weight in 90 days.

At a follow up after 18 months, the group that underwent hypnosis had lost eight more pounds on average. In this study, researchers found that while the added weight loss was not a lot, hypnosis still warranted more study to treat obesity.

Also, another study that looked at hypnosis, including cognitive behavioral therapy for losing weight found a small reduction in weight loss compared to a placebo group. Researchers found that hypnotherapy could have a moderate effect on weight loss in some people.

If you want to try hypnosis for weight loss, note that it works best in combination with diet and exercise. Your therapist will start your session by telling you how hypnotherapy works. Then they will review your health and weight goals. After that, your therapist will start to talk to you in a gentle and soothing voice to help you get more relaxed and feel safe.

Once you are in a receptive mind state, your therapist will suggest methods to help you alter your eating habits and exercise habits so you can lose weight.

Certain phrases and words might be used during this stage. Your therapist might also suggest that you visualize yourself reaching your weight loss goals through the sharing of mental imagery.

Ask your therapist today if using hypnosis could help with your weight loss goals.

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