Facts About Internal Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Before you start treatment of hemorrhoid (please visit this page for treatment info), it’s important to distinguish what type of hemorrhoid you have – either external or internal. The structure is following – blood fills anal veins and they soften the process of defecation. But when there is some annoyance of blood veins they start distending. And in this case internal thrombosed hemorrhoid appears.

Fact #1 – Hard to Diagnose

This type of hemorrhoid is usually bleeding and it exposes to danger of infecting. In some cases it may be fatal if you don’t address the doctor or if you don’t take any preventive measures by yourself. The doctors assure that internal thrombosed hemorrhoid is more difficult to distinguish than an external one because not always it goes with pain and you can’t see it. But it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. The sooner it is diagnosed the better. If it is distinguished at an early stage, there is a chance that it won’t become thrombosed.

Fact #2 – Physical Activities Are a Must

It doesn’t matter what type of hemorrhoid you have, in both case it will be useful to pay more attention to physical activities. Even if you walk a bit during the day, it is one of the first steps to recover.

Fact #3 – Changes in Your Diet

For this period of time you will have to be on a diet that will include big concentration of food with fiber and big volumes of liquid. You will have to refuse any alcohol.

Fact #4 – Keep the Sensitive Area Clean

And maybe one of the most important moments that can’t be forgotten about is to keep your anal canal clean. You can do it with the help of various antiseptics. As it is mentioned above, in most cases bleeding appears almost at once. You will have to get a cold compress to stop it.

Fact #5 – Some Cases Require Surgery

You can be proposed to make a surgery if the case is severe. It will take you quite some time to recover. It’s possible to get a surgery that will shorten the period of time for you to recover but not always such an operation is really effective. It’s always better to take measures before it becomes complicated.