Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Symptoms

There is quite a big rate of people who suffer from this disease. There is no age to distinguish when it happens more frequently. The main reason why it can appear is because channels of arterio-venous system are very thin and because of pressure. There are lots of variants that cause such a pressure. It can happen if you are pregnant, if you suffer from excessive weight, if you have not active way of life and sit most of the time, if you strain too much and so on.

The symptoms of thrombosed hemorrhoid are as numerous as the reasons of this problem. It’s common for the most of external hemorrhoids to be painful. But most probably you won’t feel any pain if you have an internal one. It won’t bother you till the moment it is resulted into thrombosis. When you have a feeling that your rectum is full and when you feel some discomfort in the process of defecation. Once you notice bleeding, it is a sign to pay your attention to it (the sooner the better).

There are four stages of the gravity of the situation:

  1. If you have only bleeding but don’t feel any discomfort or pain, you are on the first stage.
  2. If this bleeding is supported with a certain annoyance, then it’s already the second one.
  3. When any discharge is added to bleeding and if the pain is growing, it is the distinctive feature of the third stage.
  4. The fourth one differs not too much but its peculiarity is that thrombotic complications can appear on this phase in addition to other symptoms. If it’s the last stage, it’s possible to see bluish vessels that also mean that you suffer from thrombosed hemorrhoid.

It is better not to postpone your visit to a doctor if you don’t want to get into more troubles that can be awoken by this problem.