Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Treatment

There are two types of thrombosed hemorrhoids people can suffer from. Speaking of the suffering, people feel pain only in case of external piles. Still, there are rare cases when patients experience pain from internal ones. A blood clot appears because blood vessels get swollen and because they are placed adjacently to the anus.

This picture shows the difference between external and internal hemorrhoidsThis type of hemorrhoid is easy to treat even without doctor’s prescriptions. In most cases it takes not more than one week time to cure yourself of it. But it doesn’t mean that any preventive measures shouldn’t be undertaken. In the event that the early stage of hemorrhoid is distinguished, it’s possible to get rid of it in a few days only. Though, there are also cases when thrombosed hemorrhoid is more severe than it seems to be. You can define it by blood secretion. If you notice it, it’s better to check it up with your doctor, as later it can become a reason of hematomas or of cancer.

In case you don’t have blood secretion, you can try to treat yourself without medical intervention.

The most popular preventive measures are:

  1. You will have to change your food preferences while this situation remains the same. It’s obligatory to keep from stimulating constipation. You need to drink more water to avoid it. It’s recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables. Or it can be any food that is rich with fiber content.
  2. If you take some pills to ease your pain, be attentive to their compositions. You must get sure that there is no codeine because it can be one of the reasons of constipation.
  3. When you feel the necessity to go to the toilet, don’t postpone it till later time and better go at once. It will help you to keep off straining.
  4. It’s also good to use different sedative creams to relieve pain. You will forget about pain for some time if you use one of them. But you should remember that it doesn’t solve the initial cause.
  5. A warm bath will be a good solution to control pain. It is demanded to add some Epsom salt into a bath tub and to stay in that water for about 15-20 minutes. You can repeat it as many time as you feel it is needed, but at least 4 times a day. It helps not only to kill your pain but it’s also good for washing your sensitive area in order to reduce the swelling. Additionally, you can follow warm baths up with the baths with icy water for a minute or two to maximize the effect.
  6. Forget about lifting something heavy and sitting for a long time without any walking because these actions cause additional pressure on your hemorrhoid.

All of these variants are working and will help you but it’s better to remember that any self-treatment is worse than one check-up with a doctor. Moreover, there are cases when operation may be needed to move thrombosed hemorrhoid away. Take care of yourself.