Top 6 Medications to Use in Hemorrhoids Treatment

The sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diets of people have made hemorrhoids a real problem today. As a practicing doctor, I can say that the choice of remedies suggested to cope with this problem is vast. Still, not all of them are equally effective. My working experience and testimonials of my patients have allowed me to compose a list of the most effective means.I believe this list will be helpful for you, too.

I do not claim that all these means are able to do wonders. You should remember that the effect they can give is purely individual, and what is helpful for one person can be useless for another one. The list is random in order, thus, the first line is not necessarily the most effective and so on.


To begin with, I recommend Tronolane (Anesthetic Cream for Hemorrhoids). As my patients informed me, the effect is surprisingly long lasting. The cream is not greasy and does not leave stains, so it can be used at any time. It relieves pains and itching, soothes unpleasant feelings, and is said to bring relief better than more famous means.






The next thing I advise you to try is Equate Maximum Strength Pain Relief Hemorrhoidal Cream. This remedy has received many votes for the way it copes with swelling and pain. The relief it brings was confirmed by all my patients. The remedy has no distinct fragrance, and it often means much for patients suffering from hemorrhoids.






Nelson Homeopathic Products Hemorrhoid Cream occupies the third place on the list. This remedy has received numerous positive votes from my patients due to its ability to kill pain. Everyone noticed that the very first application could reduce both internal and external signs of the disease and almost completely clear it in a couple of days.






The fourth thing, Preparation H Cream Maximum Strength, was mentioned as one of the most effective means to kill pains for a long period of time. The effect was admitted even by women who suffer much after a delivery, so believe me, it works.







Yet, I would honestly like to draw your attention to the following lines. My number five recommendation, Hyland’s Hemorrhoids tablets, is a homeopathic remedy. Believe it or not, it is effective. I have decided to attract your attention to it because it cures you from the inside. It does not only relieve the symptoms, but it also cures the stretched veins that bleed and hurt and cause your suffering.






The sixth line on the list, Hem-Relief for Hemorrhoids (Clinical Strength), does the same thing for you. If you want to get rid of your delicate trouble, attack it from all sides.







Again, I repeat that the effect depends on your condition, and it will not necessarily be the same as I have described. Try these means and see whether they will work for you. If the symptoms stay aggravated, check  with your doctor. Stay healthy!