Write for My Blog

Are you a doctor willing to share the experience and knowledge in this field? Or maybe an amateur fond of the subject of health? If yes, would you like to start writing for my blog? It has been an important personal project for me and I have been the only writer here for a while now, but I am willing to have more authors on board. Keep in mind that I am happy to hear from you, if you want to contribute to my blog.

When I started this blog, most of my colleagues thought it was a silly waste of time. I did not agree with them then and I do not agree with them now. This blog has not only given me a sense of purpose, but also pushed me to continue learning more and more about my field. I am now capable of more than just treating the patients I meet every day. I have a tool that enables me to assist people from all over the world, who may not necessarily have the access to the information and to experienced doctors like we do in developed countries. If any of this sounds interesting and attractive to you – consider submitting a guest post to my blog.

My blog is dedicated to hemorrhoids, which is clear from its name and my previous posts. However, I would like to diversify the variety of subjects that are covered here. Obviously, all of them should be health- and medicine-related, but that is a huge field and there so much to talk about. Personally, I am extremely excited by everything in it and I would love to find other people like me, who are willing to write about it.

I understand that some people are shy, uncomfortable or doubtful of their expertise or their writing skills, but please do not let any of it stop you from contacting me. If you have a desire to write and publish your guest post here – I am thrilled and excited to help you, re-read your texts and edit them. Writing can be complicated and challenging at the beginning, but the reality is that there is no other way to improve apart from practicing.

It is important to remember that guest posting is a great way to boost the awareness of what you do. Maybe you are a young doctor and you do not have that many patients. Contributing to my blog could get you in touch with some new potential clients and maybe even get you a few online-consultations. I believe that this is the future!

And, if you are an amateur without a degree in science or medicine, it can be hard to build a reputation of someone whose opinion on health is relevant and meaningful. Writing and publishing your posts on a blog like mine, would give you a credit and would associate you with an actual doctor, which is a huge advantage. If you are considering starting your own blog, then guest posting is the most effective thing you could do to promote it. Believe me! I did it myself and this is exactly how my first readers came. Most of them stayed, by the way.

Other benefits of guest posting are:

  • Creating a portfolio.
  • Building new relationships.
  • Finding new work-related opportunities.
  • Link building!

To sum it all up, if you would like to write for my website, simply send me an e-mail [email protected] or use the contact form below to start this conversation going. Like I said, I am eager to have more people contributing, to hear their thoughts and opinions on health and medicine in our current times. Expect a reply from me in a day or maximum two.